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SCALP MICRO-PIGMENTATION can also be referred to as micro hair pigmentation, scalp tattooing or micro hair technique. The ACHM2.5® (Artistry Concepts Hybrid Method) is unique from other procedures offered as it is technologically-advanced and patent-pending. The ACHM2.5® scalp pigmentation procedure creates the natural look of your lost hair, one individual follicle at a time. The result is the immediate and permanent look of the very stylish, popular and widely accepted buzz cut. Researched and created by nationally recognized veteran tattoo and micropigmentation artist Mark A. Weston, the ACHM2.5® is a unique result of combining fine art principals, science, micropigmentation and medical tattooing.

Providing minimal irritation to the scalp with an astonishing healing time, the ACHM2.5® remains at the forefront in the hair pigmentation field with over 2,000 procedures. Your scalp aesthetics are of utmost importance to your overall look and image, and Artistry Concepts® is clearly the global leader in proven technological advancements.

In order to maintain our exceptional standards by never sacrificing quantity for quality, we have only one location in Florida.


  • Weston personally performs ALL ACHM2.5® procedures
  • 37 years experience in related fields
  • Not a franchise with numerous locations
  • No employed “specialists,” technicians or employees will ever apply the ACHM2.5® on you



  • Applied in one appointment (not several treatments over 4 – 6 weeks)
  • Lasts 20 years or more
  • No blade shaving required
  • Remains natural looking with excellent color retention
  • Natural blending with hair color and skin tone
  • No touchups required



  • The ACHM2.5® needles are 5 times smaller than what other providers claim
  • Can replicate more than 1100 follicles per square inch
  • Less discomfort
  • Faster healing time
  • Follicle growth stimulation
  • Patent Pending



  • Specifically developed for use on scalp only
  • Individually mixed for your hair color and skin tone
  • Permanent lasting 20 years or more
  • Engineered to naturally age with you
  • Complimentary with gray hair
  • Anti-shine


Any Level of Baldness

  • Create the appearance of a thicker and fuller head of hair
  • Naturally recreating a more youthful frontal hairline and side profile
  • Camouflaging strip scars, punch grafts or FUE donor areas permanently
  • Compliments hair transplants by providing additional density
  • Concealing of freckles, dark spots, birthmarks, scarring due to scalp injuries
  • Recreating lost hair due to Alopecia

Immediate Results

The ACHM2.5® creates an illusion of 3 dimensional art resulting in a realistic visual texture of hair by utilizing our own blend of specifically formulated ACHM2.5® SMART PIGMENTS℠ that are delivered to the scalp with proprietary micro-tools.

The ACHM2.5® is world renowned for being able to achieve remarkable precision-detailed results requiring only one application and only detectable by touch. The ACHM2.5® procedure is for the discriminating man who demands the ultimate in his appearance.


Remarkable Long-Term Results

The ACHM2.5® continues to produce long-term flawless results. The ACHM2.5® follicle size, the SMART Pigments℠ color retention, and the exceptional experience of Mark Weston far surpasses any other method of scalp micro-pigmentation on the market today. The ACHM2.5® is the only intelligent choice to end your hair loss permanently and cost effectively.

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